The June Bug | 2015

The June Bug A tropical cocktail to beat the heat during this hot summer, The June Bug is perfect for that refreshing drink. It consists of melon liquer, coconut rum, banana liquer, sweet and sour,

uDream Events Rentals | 2015

At uDream Events we strive for professionalism of the highest degree when we provide our custom mobile bar services. We believe in setting a standard that separates us from our competitors in the mobile bar

Frankie’s Friends | 2015

           The mission of the non-profit organization Frankie’s Friends is to dedicate their efforts in finding cures and saving pets with cancer and other life-threatening disease. Founder Dr. Shaw started Frankie’s

Haute Night Out | 2015

Lending Luxury provides a unique fashion experience with a variety of high end fashionable dresses available for rent which cater to individuals tastes. In conjunction with Event Lab Nº. 1 they hosted Haute Night Out, an exclusive ladies night