UDREAM EVENTS provides hospitality staff for our special events & festivals in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Orlando & surrounding areas. We offer professional, bright, articulate individuals who understand hospitality and enjoy working fast paced, high-end events.

Professional event staff will be outlined for your full service event or bar service as needed based on your event logistics and service details.

Please note, we do not provide individual bartenders and servers for smaller special events at this time as we need to keep our staff on hand for our full service events. We are able to provide large scale event staffing with a 10 staff minimum.

Why Hire UDREAM EVENTS Professional Event Staff?

  • We interview and train all of our staff in house.
  • We never hire temp staff for our events. This is key to our service because we have set standards and policies that our staff strictly adhere to.
  • Our staff go through a thorough interview process with our event management to place them in the best positions for their skill level.
  • All bartenders are continually trained on free-pouring skills and drink knowledge.
  • We only hire bright, articulate individuals that can serve as a front-of-house staff at your event for guest services.
  • All staff receive detailed instructions per event via an easy to use mobile staffing app that include any instructions such as parking, timeline and tasks.
  • We build in event managers and staff leads to oversee all event details and execute event logistics.

Insurance & Liquor Liability

UDREAM EVENTS carries an extensive $1,000,000 liquor liability insurance policy and a $2,000,000 general liability insurance policy. Certificate of insurance can be sent to the client and venue as requested. Additional insured certificates available.

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