Every drinker should have at least one of these fun and clever books showcased in their home.

20131114-011547.jpg Vintage Cocktails
By Laziz Hamani

This book is simply recipes presented in such an adorable and artistic way. Not much text, a lot of colorful artwork, pictures and creative cocktails.







20131114-011826.jpg A History of the World in 6 Glasses Paperback
By Tom Standage

You like history? You like beer? You’re welcome.










20131114-011922.jpg Champagne Cocktails: 50 Cork-Popping Concoctions and Scintillating Sparklers
By A.J. Rathbun

“I only drink Champagne when I’m happy, and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.”
— Lily Bollinger

Lily, you are fabulous. If I were around in the 40’s we would have been friends. I am sure of it. I will make these 50 Champagne cocktails in your honor.






20131114-012058.jpg Uncorked: The Novice’s Guide to Wine
By Paul Kreider

I love drinking wine with new people because they always offer you their wine knowledge. I am a sucker for this stuff and want to know it all (and will believe whatever you tell me). This book will give you the basics to carry a seemingly intelligent conversation about wine.









 Wine Snob’s Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Oenological Knowledge
By David Kamp & David Lynch

Yes, I said I love hearing different people’s wine knowledge, but there is always someone who is just too much. This book is your solution to that person (who is mostly likely the coworker who insist you look at picture of their kids). To quote the book, “There are wine snobs all around us, and they range widely in age, income bracket and hair length… Put simply, you never know when or where you’re going to encounter a Wine Snob.”






20131114-012246.jpg Shake, Stir, Pour-Fresh Homegrown Cocktails: Make Syrups, Mixers, Infused Spirits, and Bitters with Farm-Fresh Ingredients-50 Original Recipes
By Katie Loeb

This visually spectacular book is for you crunchy people. You know who you are. You plan your meals depending on what is in-season and do your shopping at the farmer’s market. Why not incorporate that into your cocktails? Any bartender will tell you that fresh ingredients make a drink and this book will teach you how to make your favorites from scratch!







20131114-012334.jpg Dark Spirits: 200 Classy Concoctions Starring Bourbon, Brandy, Scotch, Whiskey, Rum and More
By A.J. Rathbun

I am a vodka girl but so badly want to be a cool, mysterious dark spirits kind of girl. This book is for my badass alter ego and is strategically placed to trick guest into thinking I am more tough than I actually am. Even if your not a dark liquor drinker A.J. Rathbun’s sharp and witty writing makes this worth having.









20131114-012422.jpg Craft Beerds
By Fred Abercrombie

I saved my favorite for last. This book is wonderful on so many levels. It has craft beer, features facial hair and has really awesome artwork. This is an ideal coffee table books because it is clever and full of quirky pictures.









~ JD & The uDream Events Team