With over 6,000 kids in the foster system between Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas County, there’s something that needed to be done.  Carrie Wildes and Holly Nazario’s mission to help families with the cost and process of private domestic adoption and foster care captured the hearts and attention of the Tampa Bay Area since their February 5th, 2014 debut.  We were proud to be apart of The Promise Love Foundation‘s powerful launch.

The Promise Love Mission:

The Promise Love Foundation’s mission is to assist families financially with the cost of adoption through avenues of private domestic adoption and the foster care system.  We also provide expertise and consulting to families who do not yet know what child advocacy journey they should pursue.

We reflect on this event with pride, not only for the admirable cause, but also for how beautiful the event came together with donations from various Tampa Bay Event Professionals.  We were thrilled to provide the customized sleek Glow Bars to add a perfectly polished look to the Soiree. If you’re interested in the same level of sophistication at your next event, contact us so we can share the glam!

This event wholeheartedly deserved a look back and nod of appreciation. Remember, the greatest gift someone can give (besides extra olives in your martini) is the gift of family!