Shhh… it’s a Speakeasy.

It’s 1920 – Prohibition has hit the country and there’s nowhere to party.  Alcohol is banned, but this won’t stop the masses from having a good time.  The era of underground drinking establishments is born.  In order to gain entrance you had to speak in a low voice through a small opening in the back door and tell the attendant inside whom it was who sent you.  This gave way to the ‘Speak easy’ bar setting.  Enter at your own risk.  The cops just may bust in at any time.

Our Speakeasy Event:

Tampa Bay NACE Holiday Party – held at The Vault in Downtown Tampa.

After registering for the party, guests were given an address and a password.  An unmarked door with a bouncer ushered everyone quietly into the back room.  A swanky bar, poker tables and lounge furniture line the walls.  Everyone gathers for drinks and conversation as we sip on delicious ‘Apple Cider Moonshine’.  We watch the stunning burlesque dancers and sway to the tunes of Busted Blues.
A big commotion comes from the front entrance. The Cops are here!  Hurry, everyone rush out the back door.
How exciting.  We’ve been transported to another room where a modern Speakeasy theme includes a chandelier aerialist pouring champagne into our flutes from above.  Silhouettes on the 2nd floor sway with burlesque dancers and tunes beat from Cory’s DJ stand.  Guests enjoy delicious cuisine and a modern bar setting featuring a ‘Great Gatsby Martini’ with creme de violet liqueur.  Delicious!  Everything is perfectly tied into the 1920’s prohibition theme.
Guests gather to snap photos by Shutterbooth as a souvenir, including themed garb and tommy guns.
Such an amazing, memorable evening.  Thank you Tampa Bay NACE.


The Amazing Tampa Bay NACE Vendors:

Event Planner/Coordinator Sandy Rule Events

Bar provided by uDream Events

Catering by Good Food Catering

Desserts by Alla at the Cake Zone

Live band, Busted Blues

Decor, furniture and lighting by  MMD Events

Draping by Quest Drape

DJ Cory with Grant Hemmond

Linens by Connie Duglin

Actors and dancers Event Show Productions

Samantha, of Signature Events provided decor and seating

Venue – The Vault, Downtown Tampa

Signage by UrbanCoast

Videographer Christina of InMotion Productions

Photo booth by ShutterBooth

and a special THANK YOU for all the amazing photos, provided by Aaron Bornfleth Photography!