Infuse your alcohol with delicious fresh fruit to add natural flavor to your cocktails.

While espresso-flavored vodka or jalapeno-flavored tequila may seem exotic, the process of creating infusions has been around for centuries and is simple enough to do at home.

In Chemistry 101 terms, you’re breaking down and leeching out some of the molecules from whatever you add to the alcohol to impart a bit of its flavor.

Vodka Infusions

Choose a flavor. Decide how you want your vodka to taste, and get plenty of the desired fruits, berries, peppers or herbs. Use the following guidelines for infusing about 1 liter of vodka:

  • If infusing fruit, use 1-3 depending on their size. Aim for about two large apples’ worth; one is usually enough for larger fruits (i.e. grapefruit), but you’ll need 3-4 for smaller fruits (apricots, plums, etc.)
  • If infusing fresh herbs, use 1-2 fists filled with the herb, depending on its potency. Use about half as much of dried herbs or spices.
  • If infusing berries, use 2-4 fists filled with the berries.
  • If infusing peppers, use as many as you want. The more you use and the longer you infuse, the spicier the end product will be.

Preparation. Wash all fresh ingredients thoroughly. Slice fruits finely to increase their surface area and speed up the infusion, removing any pits, seeds, or stems. Leave berries whole, but bruise by very gently squeezing them and remove any stems. Crush herbs gently, as it will help to release their flavor. Place all of your ingredients together in a clean, airtight container (glass works best). The relative proportions of each ingredient, if you’re using more than one, are a matter of personal preference.

Infuse! Fill the container with vodka, seal it, and put it some place safe and away from direct sunlight.  Wait 10 days and strain.

Drink. The greatest part is the drink.  The vodka will be so smooth with flavor you can simply pour it on the rocks, shake it into a martini or serve it with something mellow like lemonade.  ENJOY!

Fresh Fruit Vodka Infusions

Perfect for party favors & gifts!