Frisky Friday 9/21: Caramel Apple Martini


Going along with the Fall and martini theme we had last week we couldn't resist introducing a Caramel Apple Martini.  Especially, because Fall begins tomorrow!  All you need for this weeks drink is tequila, Butterscotch

Frisky Friday 9/21: Caramel Apple Martini2017-01-15T18:37:31-05:00

Frisky Friday 9/14: Pumpkin Martini


Thanks to we can share this recipe with you guys.  This weeks cocktail involves a little bit more work than most of our Frisky Friday posts, but we feel it's well worth the extra

Frisky Friday 9/14: Pumpkin Martini2017-01-15T18:37:31-05:00

Frisky Friday 9/7: Chile Raspberry Martini


Chile Raspberry Martini This weeks Frisky Friday recipe is super simple so thank you to the Absinthe in Boca Raton, FL for sharing the recipe with the online world.  To enjoy this sweet and spicy

Frisky Friday 9/7: Chile Raspberry Martini2017-01-15T18:37:31-05:00
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