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UDREAM EVENTS provides in house venue management for the Morean Arts Center Venues

Thank you for your interest in the Morean Arts Center. All venue rentals support the nonprofit and Morean’s mission of Connecting People with Art through outreach programs to underserved communities, year-round exhibition and education programming, free Veteran’s programs and more.

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About the Morean Arts Center:

Early on and throughout its history the Morean has honed in to its mission to provide accessible art experiences. Years ago, the organization has determined that access to art and art experiences is a fundamental right to all people regardless of identity, age and opportunity and has strived to provide a safe and dynamic arts learning environment, to promote equal access and to ensure a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that inspires ALL visitors.

TODAY, the Morean, through its four venues, continues to be a driving force within the St. Petersburg art scene. It provides a place for creativity, innovation and exploration.  

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