Football is back and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The uDream Events team has always loved watching the Bucs on the field, but we also love working with them at One Bucs Place for their special events. We are so excited for the 2013 NLF football season and embracing all that it encompasses, even our office fantasy football league! I am particularly excited about this season because the Bucs have made some strategic moves that I think will benefit us in the end.

Last year the Buc’s defense needed some work.  Thankfully, they have shown us that they are all for change and completely revamped their secondary. They made a big move when they pulled on cornerback Darrelle Revis and safety Dashon Goldson. Johnthan Banks was also an exciting addition being a second round draft pick. With this significant talent upgrade our new defense should have a big impact for the Bucs this season.

And you know what they say; the best defense is a good offense!  Josh Freeman is set up for success because he finally has the offensive line he needs to be the quarterback we have been waiting for.  With receivers Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams and running back Doug Martin my expectations for a solid Buc’s offensive is higher than it has been in a few years.  Not to mention, Freeman is in a contract year so either way this is the season for him to step-up.

As much as we love to talk Tampa Bay football, what we really love at uDream Events are the football parties…

Here are our top 5 tailgating and football party must-haves for this season:


Beer, beer and more cold beer.  No explanation needed.  Have some light, have some dark, have it cold and everyone is happy.


Keep the cocktails Southern inspired, simple and strong!   There’s something truly special about football season in the South.  My sure-to-please cocktails are a traditional Vodka & Sweet Tea and a Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey & Lemonade.  Both are great options because you can make them morning-of and serve them from a large drink dispenser.  Just add ice.  Hire a professional bartender to whip these up in large quantities for your next football party.


Beer and wings are the quintessential football foods – so anything buffalo flavored is a guaranteed hit.  This always blows me away, but there is usually someone at the party who hasn’t had the glorious experience of Buffalo Wing Dip.  This is also a tried-and-true favorite because it is so easy to make and can be paired with tortilla chips or celery (for those of you who count calories). I love it because you don’t have to worry about bringing a grill and then successfully coaxing someone else into cooking for you.  And now I am salivating for buffalo wing dip and a cold beer.


Veggie dip is one of the most underrated football party musts.  With all the beer, cocktails and greasy food being served your guest will be unconsciously craving a healthy pallet-cleanse and veggie dip is the perfect solution.  Hollow out a few fresh peppers as a great serving accessory for guest to sample dips.  I prefer going with a more simple ranch dip then adding something more advantageous that plays with chipotle or horseradish.  If you’re feeling frisky, try them all.


Swag, gear, flair…  whatever you call it, we approve.   There are so many fun ways to show your team some love!  The most obvious choice is wearing your favorite players’ jersey or hat.  If you need some help check out these cool Buc’s shades we posted above.  You don’t want to be that guy in a no-allegiance polo shirt talking smack. Personally, I want to be the one everyone high fives when Josh Freeman throws a 45-yard touchdown in the 4th quarter to beat the Atlanta Falcons. Another option for taking your football party to the next level is by adding our custom grass bar to your tailgating party. You can even feature your team’s (the Bucs J) logo right on it!  Much love!


– JD and The uDream Events Team