Frozen Drink Machines

Pricing for Special Events:
Frozen Drink Machine $150.00                             

Drink Mix at $25 per 50 drinks  ($0.50 per drink). 
Additional mix will be available on site as needed.

Commercial grade, stainless steel frozen drink machines for special events.  Machines run on electricity and a standard and dedicated 30-amp outlet must be available for service. 

Frozen drink mixture ready in 45 minutes and holds 50 – 10oz  drinks per batch.   
All drinks can be served Virgin, or with liquor provided in your Bar Package.

Delicious Frozen Drink Options:

MARGARITA natural lemon-lime flavor, not too tart – not too sweet!
STRAWBERRY fresh from the farm sweetness.
PINA COLADA       coconut and pineapple  – like a Bahama vacation.
RUM RUNNER      pineapple, banana, blackberry, orange – perfect summer drink!
LEMONADE Sweet and tangy lemon.
LOUISIANA HURRICANE       a delicious tropical storm of citrus berry flavors. 
BLUE RASPBERRY       tangy sweet raspberry!
PEACH BELLINI       light and refreshing peach.
MUDSLIDE chocolate, Kahlua and vanilla – a chocolate lovers dream!
MANGO fresh sweet mangos – another island favorite!