Events at the Morean Center for Clay

Service to be confirmed within 30 days of event.
Parking attendants will be outlined for all events on your venue invoice. This will include access to parking at the neighboring grass lot, licensing, and insurance.

OPTION 1: Valet Service
Service includes professional valet team, signs, cones, and valet podium.
Guests will drive to valet podium for front door drop off.
Valet will facilitate parking of all vehicles and return of vehicles concluding event.

1 lead & 2 Valet Attendants for up to 120 guests: $750
1 lead & 3 Valet Attendants for up to 150 guests: $1000
1 lead & 4 Valet Attendants for up to 200 guests: $1250

OPTION 2: Guided Parking Attendant
Service includes signage, cones, and parking attendant to direct guest parking into our partner grass lot next door.

1 Parking Attendant and Permitted Lot for up to 200 guests: $300