Pretty City and uDream Events has teamed up for several events throughout the Tampa Bay area over the past year.

“At, we believe that beauty is more than skin deep and that taking care of the physical body is as important as taking care of the soul.

We know that women can achieve more when they feel great about how they look and we believe that being your prettiest self is something to be proud of.

Every day, we aim to make women everywhere prettier in some small way and richer in many big ways, by saving them money on the products & services they need to look & feel their best.”

We’ve had the pleasure to work with Pretty City many times in the past.

We provide everything from bartending services, service staff, catered food, rental items and more. The girls at Pretty City are friendly, fun to work with and it’s always a great event. They cater to Salons, Spas and women all over the nation.