Where would we be without girlfriends?  Drinking alone…that’s where.

Our girlfriends are the glue that hold our posse together and likely the reason you’ve blown off many an afternoon class to go grab pedicures or left work early for an “afternoon meeting”….at the bar…over cocktails…where absolutely no work gets accomplished.   We won’t tell, we promise.

One of the things I looked forward to all week was happy hour at Red Mesa Cantina where there were 2-for-1 Sangrias and Margaritas.  We conveniently had a standing out of office meeting at 4 pm (ok 3 pm) every Friday that would last too long to go back to work.  We knew the bartender by name and he had two margaritas and a red sangria lined up on the bar with chips, salsa, and a trio dip in front of our usual bar stools.  We were creatures of habit.  We laughed, we cried, we strategized over work plans, we plotted world domination, we talked about sending our bosses glitter bombs.


So on National Girlfriend’s Day…. here’s to the ladies and the cocktails that bind us together!

Try our Craft Rita for your next “afternoon meeting”.

1.5 oz   Silver Tequila
We really love Herradura

0.5 oz  Cointreau Orange Liqueur

1 oz      Fresh pressed lime juice
Key limes if you’ve got em’

3 oz     Spring Water

.5 oz    Agave nectar
OR  sub in some delicious fresh fruit such as 2 whole strawberries or a slice of mango to sweeten the deal

Serve with a salted rim and lime wedge.