Weddings and Special Events at the Morean Center for Clay in St. Petersburg, Florida: A Unique Venue for Your Big Day

St. Petersburg, Florida is home to a myriad of picturesque venues that set the perfect backdrop for memorable occasions. Yet, amongst them, the Morean Center for Clay stands out as a unique choice for those who seek something beyond the ordinary.

Why Choose the Morean Center for Clay for Your Special Event?

Historical Significance: Nestled in the heart of St. Petersburg, the Morean Center for Clay is housed in a historic building circa 1917 that adds a touch of elegance and a nod to the past in your celebration with modern amenities.

Unique Ambience: With its authentic brick walls, high ceilings, and artful installations, the venue exudes an artistic vibe, giving your event an edgy, modern feel juxtaposed with traditional elegance.

Location: Being in the bustling hub of St. Petersburg, the venue offers easy access to guests, with ample amenities nearby within walking distance.

Customizable Space: Whether it’s an intimate wedding reception, a corporate gala, a holiday party or a special event, the Morean Center for Clay offers flexible spaces that can be tailored to fit your vision and your budget.

A Hub of Artistic Excellence: Not just a venue, the Morean Center for Clay is a recognized name in the world of ceramics and art. What could be more enchanting than celebrating your special moments surrounded by exquisite artworks?


Creating Unforgettable Moments

Imagine saying your vows in this beautiful historical building amidst the artful surroundings, with every corner telling a story of craftsmanship and passion. Picture your guests, with drinks in hand, exploring the ceramic exhibits, and marvelling at the rich history of the space. The Morean Center for Clay isn’t just a venue; it’s an experience.


Our Professional Event Team

The event team at the Morean Center for Clay understands the intricacies of planning a successful event. To ensure a smooth experience, we offer a range of services including:

  • Event planning assistance
  • Customizable beverage catering
  • Professional event staff
  • Beautiful event rentals and d├ęcor
  • On-site parking and valet
  • Audio Visual equipment and support
  • Recommendations for local caterers, florists, and other professional vendors


A Testament to St. Petersburg’s Artistic Heritage

St. Petersburg is known for its vibrant arts scene, and the Morean Center for Clay is a testament to this legacy. By choosing this venue, you’re not just hosting an event but also becoming a part of a larger narrative that celebrates art, culture, and history in our beautiful city.

If you’re looking for a venue in St. Petersburg, Florida, that goes beyond the conventional and offers an immersive experience, the Morean Center for Clay is your go-to choice. With its rich history, artistic backdrop, and dedicated services, your wedding or special event will be an affair to remember. Book your dates today and let your event be the talk of the town!

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