Green Mary

For those of you who love Bloody Mary’s we’ve found this homemade mix to try.  Head to your favorite produce stand and pick up 4 green tomatoes, 4 green tomatillos, 1 celery stalk, 3 mint leaves, and 1 jalapeno (seeded).  You may have to buy more than the needed amounts, but those numbers are exactly what you need to portion of this mix.  You will also need: 5 jarred olives, 1/2 cup of olive juice (from jar), 1 cup orange juice, 2 oz of lemon juice, fresh horseradish (grated), and 12 oz of vodka.

Blend all ingredients, excluding the vodka in a blender.  Then add vodka.  Pour in to a high ball glass with ice, and garnish with whatever your favorite “Mary” garnishes are–celery sticks, pickle spears, pepperoni, cheese, olives, etc