Want to add something a little extra special to your backyard event this summer?  A watermelon keg is great and fairly simple and inexpensive way to do so.  What you will need is one medium to large watermelon (seedless, if you can), a tap or spigot, a knife, a large spoon and bowl, and the ingredients to whatever delicious watermelon cocktail of your preference.

1.  Cut off a thin slice of the rind to flatten the bottom of the watermelon.  Make sure that you cut off enough to ensure that the watermelon will stand up on its own.

2.  Just as you would carve out the top of a pumpkin do the same to this watermelon.  Create a lid by using your knife to carve out the top.

3.  Use your large spoon to scoop out the inside of the watermelon and place in the bowl.  Save for latter use when making your cocktail.

4.  Now, drill a hole in the side of the watermelon where you would like to place your tap.  Preferably a few inches from the bottom.  Create the hole smaller than your tap will be, and then use the knife to open the hole to the appropriate size.

5.  Screw in the tap.  It may be a good idea to place a rubber washer on the tap inside of the watermelon to be sure that it will not leak.

6.  Make your watermelon cocktail!

We suggest the recipe from our first Frisky Friday:

Watermelon Fizz

Puree watermelon chunks in a blender, strain out the juice, and then combine with some vodka, lime juice, ginger ale, and ice.  Shake the mixture, pour into a glass, and enjoy!

Whichever cocktail you decide your watermelon keg will be sure to be a hit!